What our Customers are Saying

Arnie T.


Awesome. store strategically located in Woodside queens. very professional and easy to deal with. other than english speaking, staffs are bilingual, english/spanish and english/tagalog (can speak bisaya as well), that is. strrongly recommend you visit and have your eye wear needs.

Kathleen E.

Mount Hope, KS

Great service! The workers were really nice and approachable.

Alex Y.

San Francisco, CA

I enjoyed my visit to eyellusion and I will hope to be a client for yrs to come. They are friendly and very good at the job of eye care. Their selection is decent and they took great care in ensuring that I was satisfied with my selection.

Noribeth A.

San Francisco, CA

I've been here for 9yrs already, I love their sevice, they are very friendly, and i feel comfortable with them, they are excellent. And I want to give them 6 stars or more, thank you very much.

Waldemar L.


Good service, I got my eyeglasses in two days, staff very friendly

DelCea D.

San Francisco, CA

We've been here for so many years but since Jun opened another branch in Long Island somewhere (not sure where it is), so it's the relatives are now managing the Eyellusion Vision Center. Me and my wife noticed, it's not as efficient as Jun was there though Grace and Lesley are still there and very accommodating and feel welcomed. We miss Jun in general.

Meichia F.

Queens, Queens, NY

Very professional! Staff were friendly and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. I got my eye exam done and a couple of new glasses that fit very well! Would definitely recommended Eyellusion Vision Center for people who are looking for a reliable place to get prescription glasses.

Lj W.

San Francisco, CA

Very accommodating. The eye doctor here was very honest. Everything was a good deal.

Tenzen U.

San Francisco, CA

Very good service. I like all the staff they are very helpful.

Lucia S.

San Francisco, CA

Satisfied. they are very accommodating......

Carlo B.

Queens, Queens, NY

I rate this business a five-star because I love how helpful and friendly they were to me while I was there. Also since the establishment is small to a point I could hear the next conversation over, it felt lively and welcoming I guess. I would also like to add that I did not feel awkward while I was there so I guess that's a plus. So you may not feel awkward there as well. But as a person who had glasses for all their life, I think my opinion may differ from another.

If you're wondering that if I'm going to tell you that they have like a wide variety or a limited variety of glasses, I do not know. But from what I saw, I think they have a good selection to choose from.

That's my review of this fine establishment, overall it has good service, a good selection and nice employees. 

Yhong A.

New York, NY

I am a customer for 3 years and this place always makes me feel welcome and comfortable. All the staff are amazing! Kudos to Grace,Lesley, Jun and the rest of the team, they are all professional in dealing with the customers and they make sure to explain in details all that you need to know for your glasses to make it look great when you wear it!
Also Dr. Lim is very accommodating, she also explain all the details you need to know from my eye check up and even provide prescriptions to make sure everything you need is all taken care of.

Overall, this is the best place to book an appointment for eye check up, and I already got my new Oakley glasses and excited to wear it soon.

Thank you Eyelusions Vision Center~ Mabuhay!

Ezequiel R.

Queens, Queens, NY

I've been going here for years (if I were to guess 15 years or so)great customer service. I actually got married moved out of the area and came back 4 years later once I walked through the door I was actually shocked to be they remembered my name. It was like I never left. 100 % great customer service any questions you have they are always willing to answer. Love this place!!

Jenise S.

Jackson Heights, NY

I have been with them since 2007 and I appreciate the service and the people here. They treat you like family and are so kind. The doctor is extremely sweet and there is a next to nothing wait time. I highly recommend this place, thank you so much!!

Ryan B.

Queens, Queens, NY

I had a great experience during my last visit in Eyellusion Vision Center. The personel were nice, and the doctor was very helpful and understanding. My new spectacles were ready in a week, and helpful reminders were sent through text messages. I recommend this place for your eyewear needs.

Alex S.

New York, NY

Very professional and friendly staff. Prices are competitive and fair. You won't be disappointed. I recommend to anyone that needs exams or glasses. Have known them for many years.

Shamshad B.

Woodside, Queens, NY

Everyone is lively and friendly. They make us feel at home. All the staff are no nice. Just love being there. All my family member go there for thier eye exam and glasses. I highly recomend this place.

D Y.

Flushing, Queens, NY

Excellent service and manners. Everyone is very professional. Store is brightly lit and feels open. Wood decor warms the place. Nice selection of eyewear ranging from low to top end. Drop by and see for yourselves.

Jasmine V.

Queens, Queens, NY

We have been coming to this business for 10 years and they never let us down. They are very accommodating and they work very fast. There is never a long wait to get an eye exam or to see the doctor. They make you feel like family and that is the best part. Thank you for your great hospitality.

Jocelyn C.

Queens, Queens, NY

I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years. Dr. Lim made sure that my prescription is correct to my comfort. The customer care agents are knowledgeable, accommodating, patient and works with me in getting my needs done. I can always count on them whenever my supplies are running low. The company is up-to-date with the current eyewear technology and carry my favorite Olivers' People collections (in my opinion is the best eyewear frame for Asian face).

Melissa Alyanna L.

Lipa, Philippines

Highly recommended!! I never thought I would have that kind of thorough eye examination. I will definitely point out their extensive facilities and machineries. Also, they have the best optometrists I have encountered so far! I never had that findings before. Kudos to the whole crew of Eyellusion!

Jill F.


Everyone in Eyellusion is so nice, kind , patient and helpful! They have been choosing my frames for me for years. Great selection of frames and sunglasses. The work they do is excellent. Whenever I need anything adjusted or even ordering contact lenses...just a phone call or a quick pop in and all needs are met. Service is always provided with a warm smile...they are like family!

Stevan S.

Woodside, Queens, NY

Super quick and super helpful staff. I came in without an appointment just to get my prescription, and got help right away. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and the process took almost no time at all. They seemed to have relationships with most of the customers coming in, so this is definitely a great local spot that I'm glad i stumbled across. Highly recommended.

Lulu M.

Ozone Park, NY

Reliable and Trustworthy! Great people.

Jun E.

San Francisco, CA

People in EYELUSION are very helpful and accommodating...

Vicky M.

San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend this place. The staff by Eyellusion Vision Center is great and very professional. They treat me with respect and kindness. They always help you to dicide for the best option within your needs. Thank you Eyellusion Center.

Francis M.

San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend the place. Staffs are amazing. Also a lot of choices for
eyeglasses !

Catherine G.

San Francisco, CA

Very satisfied and loyal customer since it opened. Excellent customer service, very friendly and accommodating staff. Great selection of glasses.Highly recommended.

Cliff-Simon V.

Queens, Queens, NY

My first trip to Eyellusion Vision Center was awesome. The medical office/ shop was very classy and family oriented. The staff was welcoming and everyone smiles and is so helpful. They all called me by my first name. I was a bit nervous to get my eyes checked but the Optometrist Dr. Lim was very calm with me and talked to me through every exam. I also got a pair of glasses here and I thought that prices were very fair and affordable even for a struggling college student like myself and to top it off there were so many options. I highly recommend this office for all of your optical needs!

Julie R.

San Francisco, CA

Excellent service, everything so well explained. Very professional and from the moment you step into the door they welcome you so kindly. The doctor is extremely nice and helpful with your concerns, and Leslie who assist you with picking up your glasses is super nice and sincere. I had the best experience ever!

Mark M.

Queens, New York, NY

I cannot say enough good things about Eyellusion Vision Center...but I will try my best!

I saw that they accepted my insurance, and was able to make an appointment request online. They called me back to confirm an appointment probably within 90 minutes. Although there was a slight issue at first with my insurance, they worked very hard to resolve it quickly and make sure that my eyes were checked thoroughly. My initial appointment had to be cancelled due to a snow storm, but I received a text message, email, and personal phone call to make sure I was informed of the closing and didn't make a trip for nothing.

I came back and got a friendly and comprehensive eye exam. The Doctor and staff were so kind and professional. They had a very wide selection of frames (all designers, if you're looking for that), even from the insurance-only category (I'm a really simple guy). My glasses were ready in 2-3 days (earlier than even promised).

I've been someone who has viewed Yelp reviews for many years, but it is a place like this that finally inspired me to join and write a review! I highly encourage everyone to try Eyellusion before looking at any other places.

I doubt you will find friendlier or more professional service anywhere, and they are located right off the 7 Train.

Madison G.

Woodside, NY

I am not a fan of on line reviews ..Working in the service industry for many years , I know that the on line reviews do not always reflect the level of customer service you receive...However My experience with the staff of this establishment was stellar! I have a 13 year old son who wears glasses. His vision for the past 4 years has deteriorated and he is constantly receiving new prescriptions ...This has been a challenge for us ..Of course being the control freak I am I decided to become knowledgeable regarding the transition of the prescription from paper to the lenses.. Now I have dealt with many eye-wear specialist and establishments and a few with very bad outcomes ...But Kelvin from Eyellusion was super.. He not only exhibited patience and shared his knowledge with me ..He LISTENED... WOW , I was blown away... He heard my concerns and accepted the challenge ..Not to mention the insurance issues ..But as you can imagine I am good at harassing companies TO DO THEIR JOB....My son arrived apprehensively ,Kelvin made him comfortable , made him laugh , then placed the glasses on his eyes and made him SEE!!! I was so overwhelmed ..We have never hit the right base curve and script the first time ..There was always an adjustment period and sometimes a return..Because the staff at some of the other places do not listen. My son wore the glasses out of the store and has not complained yet...AMAZING!!! I recommend this establishment because the level of customer service I received was above average .. I thank the staff of EYELLUSION and I will return again ..Thanks Kelvin you made my Month!!!

Jacob L.

New York, NY

Great Selection great service and selection. Professional eye exam

Santosh Y.

New Queens, NY

I was there for my eye examination! I made an appointment through phone and the lady was so polite and kind to answer me other questions I asked as well. So when I reached there all of them (there were three) were welcoming. They made everything simple. They have different brands of eye wear as well. It was great experience to be there.

Cheryl H.

Ridgewood, NY

They have a wide selection of trendy eye wears. The prices are also reasonable. My girls now get their contacts from Eyellusion. I have referred friends and will continue to recommend them to everyone. Most importantly, the staff are super friendly.

Reynaldo G.


Excellent service! I've been going there for eight years. There is always a wide variety of frames and sunglasses. Eyellusion stafff is always helpful, courteous and respectful.

Romeo H.

Yonkers, NY

I had a pleasant experience getting my eyes checked at this place. The staff were nice and accommodating. The service was fast and efficient. They have a wide selection of frames to choose from. I bought two pairs for a really good deal! Will definitely recommend this place to my family and friends!